Phase I

After land purchase, a design that fits taste and budget must be made, along with the requirements of the community rules and asthetics.  A custom home designer was employed for this purpose,
and over the period of about one year, a design plan was finalized.
Pre existing plans may be purchased of course, if you find exactly what you are looking for, or with slight modification can be made that way. 
This home is designed with stone
walls, double heat pump system, Champion windows and doors, for efficient energy use.
4895 sq ft heated / cooled + 3 car garageCourtyard design, on 1.8 acs., facing East.
It's The Lord That Builds Your Home

God's love is what makes a house
A home where you can live
And His love is the foundation
And the tool He builds with

Let Him be the one who builds
Your house to be a place
Where others find the warmth of love
And acceptance by His grace

For when you try to build your home
With what you know won't last,
You may end up building your future
From the surplus of your past

But see this as a new beginning,
A new life to pursue;
A fresh new start and future hope
That God has given you.

By M.S.Lowndes